new direction

04 Aug
So i have taken the last few days to think about what i want to do with this blog software and extending b2evolution. Well i have decided on going the Atom/blogger 2.0 API direction. There is allot of reading that i will need to do, but i think it will be better and more usable to others in the long run. I will keep BloGTK the way it is, but i will not submit the changes that i have made to the developers. I will just add Atom to it, and that will hopefully get Drivel to work as well. I will first see if anyone is working on Atom support. I saw a little in the xmlsrv directory, but i think it's just for serving up posts, and nothing further. However i do really like the changes that i have made. It's made posting allot easier.

Till next time.

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