Enlightenment 0.17.1 Finally

08 Feb

For the Fedora 17 users E17.1 was out earlier in the week. However for the F18 users i just published my builds today. If you are installing for the first time this is a usable command to get everything you need to run Enlightenement.

yum install ecore eina eeze evas evas-module_engine_gl_x11 embryo evas-module_loader_* ethumb edje edje-bin eio evas-module_saver_* eet e_dbus e_modules-engage efreet elementary emotion enlightenment

If that does not work let me know. I have had a few people say they could not get enlightenment to run. I think it's because some items were not installed. However we will see.


Added in edje-bin

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  1. problems

    February 20th 2013 at 03:02 pm

    Ok, tested this on a fresh F18. Was crashing at startup with evas errors in .xsession-errors. I had to install evas-module_engine* to get it work. Also, engage needs a rebuild with current libs, it doesn't work as provided. Will you also consider building other e_modules ?(forecast, mem, net) The rest is smooth & lovely. Thx for your work!!

    Great Work & Great Fix!

    February 27th 2013 at 05:02 pm

    Working Fine with This Fix! :) ThanX


    Trouble Running from KDM

    March 27th 2013 at 11:03 am

    Hello, I ran into some trouble installing on Fedora 18. I was missing a couple of dependencies. Here is the complete log of commands I used to get things working. This is my first experience with e17, ever so what I have done might not be 100% perfect but it did not work after running the command supplied in this blog. Thanks for all of your effort! Andrew