The Hunted (Every Man Series)

06 Nov
I finished the book The Hunted and i have to say it was good. It was not something that i think was awesome, but it was a good read. I really got into it at the end, but i don't want to give it away for people that have not read it yet. Reading the first sentence of the book you are thrown into a high pace escape. I was really excited about that i like action. The only problem i had was that every other chapter would alternate to a time in the past. It served it's purpose, and it was a good way to inform the reader on how the men got to the place they were at, but like i said i like action, and the break was getting old soon for me. Closer to the end of the book that ends because you know have the entire back story.
I like the fact that the book deals with faith. Also the areas where we can stumble in our life, and how Christians are called to forgive. I did not like it that the authors passed a scripture verse that calls for people not to kill. I can see where this is an issue for some. I have found the reference if you use the King James Version of the bible it is found in the following chapters/verses Exodus 20:13, Deuteronomy 5:17, Matthew 5:21, Romans 13:9. However if it was translated correct it would be "Thou shall not murder".
I don't think self preservation is considered murder. It's survival kill or be killed. Allot of people think that God/Jesus said don't kill.. but it's really murder. This was the only problem that really got me about this book. In my opinion the authors dropped the ball here, and tried to invent a shame that one of the characters could have to relate to the other character that had done something very wrong. But i do see "thou shall not kill" as a miss-interpretation with many Christians. With knowing that i can see why the authors could justify writing that in.
I will give this book 3 out of 5, and i am glad that i read it, but i don't like spreading false interpretations on to others. I just could not let that part go. It really got me reading it in the book. Maybe i am putting to much on one little section, but it's something that i am against. Dealing with faith, and how some people have never put there faith in a position to be tested was well addressed. I deal with that part myself.
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