Still working Hard

23 Sep
Well i have been working hard, almost to the burnout stage. I have taken a few nights off from working on programs just to give my brain a rest. I am feeling better now, and starting to get more excited about programing again. So i think this weekend i will get back at it.

I have one more dive trip that i know about coming up here in two weeks. I still need to get the bathroom done in my house. Had some things that set me back. It was not good.

Nicole and i are doing great. She is sooooo astonishing. I am very happy when i am with her, or when i think about her. I admire her so much. She is so great to me. She is the best. Her and i go so well together. I get to see her tonight, and hang out. We don't get to see much of each other from Tuesday to Friday, but that hopefully will change soon. She is working on finding a job closer to where i live. So i hope she finds one and moves over this way.

Well i best get going. I have allot i need to get done for the day. I am still wanting to get Drivel to work with b2evolution. But it's on the back burner.

Posted ed_mann in Computers & Technology