NIV Memory Verse Challange

02 Oct

Here is a memory verse challenge for NIV Readers. This only works with NIV. Let me know how you do.

Ladies and gentlemen, this amazing Bible memory program is by far and away the most amazing system ever developed. Even if you are a poor reader, or think you are too old to commit Bible verses to memory this plan will work for you.

First, you must have a New International Version bible. This memory plan is designed to work only with the NIV. As you follow this plan you will be amazed at how simple, easy to understand, and perfect for memory work the NIV will prove to be.

Second, turn in your NIV and see that you too can learn every word of these seventeen verses in less than ten minutes.

Matthew 17:21
Matthew 18:11
Matthew 23:14
Mark 7:16
Mark 9:44
Mark 9:46
Mark 11:26
Mark 15:28
Luke 17:36
Luke 23:17
John 5:4
Acts 8:37
Acts 15:34
Acts 24:7
Acts 28:29
Romans 16:24
1 John 5:7


Now i did not find these on my own, but did find a site that listed them


Let me know what you think.


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