The Jesus Inquest By Charles Foster

21 Apr
Have you ever started something and then thought "What in the world was i thinking?" Well that's the way i felt after i started the book The Jesus Inquest by Charles Foster. In this book we have two individuals in a debate X the anti-theist and Y the theist. In my opinion it came across like this. X is the anti-theist, Y is the theist and Bible believer when it suits him, then me the reader 100% Bible Believer.

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Growing my own Pineapple

17 Apr

So i have been watching Ray on his channel and saw his How to grow a pineapple indoors. I have linked the relevant videos below.

And here is an update, it's late in the video.

And the harvest.

This is not something that will happen in one season so i don't expect to have a pineapple here soon. This is just something fun to do with the kids. We also have several plants out in our growing station that Simon and i built. It was something just fun to do so we did it.

I am planing on doing some timelapse photos with some of the plants we have going this year. I just am waiting for the power adapter for my camera to show up. Using gphoto and a cron job i should be able to get this done.


I wanted to note that the parent plant was 8 1/2 inches tall. So let's see how big junior grows.


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