Oracle PDO_OCI PHP install fedora CentOS

08 Oct
Well i run a mix of CentOS and Fedora machines, and at work i needed to run some reports from an Oracle DB. I really don't care much for Oracle, but i needed to get the data, and since i don't like having to do the same thing over again i thought i would just throw together a PHP page and let the user run the canned report themselves. However getting Oracle to install on CentOS and my Fedora boxes was not a simple yum install...

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Take your best shot by Austin Gutwein and Todd Hillard

04 Oct
I heard the other day that there are two things you are remembered for 1. The problems you create, 2. The problems you solve. I want to be a part of the team that solves problems. As i was reading this book i knew Austin is one of the people that solves problems. He saw a problem and used what he could to help address that problem. In the book Take your best shot, Austin does not sugar coat it at all, the highlights, struggles and challenges are written about as well.

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