Fedora RPMS for Enlightenment 0.17.3 and EFL 1.7.7

18 May

I just finished the builds for Enlightenment 0.17.3 and EFL 1.7.7. I keep getting the pop-up telling me that there was a newer version of Enlightenment out, so that was my reminder to do the builds this weekend. I hope i didn't miss anything this time. Everything has been rebuilt and i also added in a new e_module slideshow. (This was a request from a person that uses my repo. So if you want something from Enlightenment that i don't have just ask for it. I will do my best to get it built and added to the repo.)

I know i said the last built would be the final one for Fedora 17, however 1.7.7 came out before i upgraded so i have one more build for the x86_64 version of Fedora 17.  And i have not yet configured a virtual machine to do the Fedora 19 builds. Maybe before the next release i will get that done.

Sorry this build took a week, i have been sick all week and not feeling like putting in extra hours after work. However i am feeling much better. I think i have everything uploaded and correct this time. I am sure i will hear if i am missing anything.

I also built  connman-1.14 for this release as well.

Off Topic

Well now i am off to work on the Android app for the accounting software i have been developing. I hope to get something done with it this weekend. However the day is getting late and i have some things outside i want to get done. I will post some screen-shots of my app. Not sure if anyone would be interested in it. I should put it in a different post, so with that said i will stop talking about it.



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