Still working hard

04 Mar

I have been working hard on client projects, the PHPEclipse project, and learning about Bacula. Which is the best Open Source backup utility around. I have used Amanda in the past, but once i started using Tivoli at work i realized that there was allot missing. I plan on doing a full review and documentation on using Bacula. Right now i am still learning how to use it and making custom scripts to do things that i need done. My documentation will be on my setup, and how i am using it. The docs done by Kern Sibbald are awesome. The documentation is very helpful and i have been able to find almost everything i needed.

The dlzsync project that i have been working on is just about finished. I know i said it was going to be done months ago, but i got busy with other stuff. It is looking very good. I have been testing it on the domains that i host. I just have a few kinks to work out of the system.

I have also learned how to use PHPUnit, and write unit tests for my applications. I plan on working with Junit to do the same for my Java apps. Need to write some unit test for PHPEclipse as well.

Also i have not forgotten about my blog system. It has not seen any development for a while. I have allot of projects going on, and just have not had time to dedicate to working on the blog system. I guess i got it working good enough for what i need right now. However i do need to add the page so i can view old posts and possibly edit them. I have some that i need to publish.


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