Lessons in Life

13 Jan
Well things 1/2 been going well. I am enjoying the book i am currently reading called The Potential Principle. It is very good. Also the Jr. High pastor at the church i attend gave me another book called messy spirituality. This is a good book also. I am not far in2 it but what i 1/2 read is good.

My dog still teaches me things. Like 2night i was sitting @ the computer reading about the latest news with SCO :crazy: And my dog was whining like she does all the time. Well anyway i was asking her what she wanted. I thought maybe she wanted 2 go outside. So i asked "Do u want 2 go outside?" Well she did not leave the room and head 2wards the door, so i asked "What do u want?" Well she ran off and came back with her toy that we use 2 play keep away/hide and seek. With that i knew, oh she wants 2 play. So being the good person that i am i got out of my chair and went and played keep away 4 about 1/2 an hour. Not a long time, but in my humble home u run out of places 2 hide really quick and when she finds u she knows where 2 look the next time. In saying all that i want 2 pass on2 the reader on how good it was doing what God wants us 2 do. Give of ourselves 2 others. Even tho it's my dog, it is my belief that this is just preparation 4 something greater. Giving the time that i am here 2 other activites that r not what "I" want 2 do. I also felt better while i was playing. The thoughts did run across my mind of all the things that i want 2 do that i am not getting done. But then it was, "Well dude u r making the time that Abby is here more enjoyable, so do it now so u don't look back and regret wasting it on what "U" wanted 2 do. So if u 1/2 made it this far and r still reading i want u 2 think about something. What r u doing right now, who could u spend time with while they r here. R there things that u feel that u should be doing with others and r not? Another thing about me. When i was growing up my real parents and i did not do much 2gether. Well we did work around the house, and the church, but that was about it. A strong relationship did not develop. I do love my birth mom, and the husband that she has now is lightyears better than the one she had when i grew up. It is a joy 2 me knowing that she has him in her life. I think he is so cool. I don't know him that well, but if he can put up with my birth mom then he has to be someone special. The only reason that i don't know him that well is because my mom married him when i was 16 or 17 and life in the real world had started 4 me, well not totaly God placed in my life 2 people that i now consider mom and dad. What they 1/2 taught me in the few (comparied 2 my age) years that i 1/2 known them is more than i learned in the time before. But i will tell that story some other time. Now back 2 relationships. My new parents took time 2 build a relationship with me. Not that it's hard if u ever spend time with me i can talk up a storm, and most of the time i will tell u anything and everything that u want 2 know about me. It's funny i will do that with other people, but i hesitate sometimes in telling mom and dad things. I think it is something in the back of my mind that keeps my mouth shut so that i don't loose there trust and respect. Not that i need 2 worry about it. They know about some really bad things that i 1/2 done, yet they still show love 4 me and they 1/2 not moved or changed the locks 2 the house. All tho i did notice that the one hidden is now gone. :D Well anyway, i know that they will be called home before me... well my dad did say with the things that i do i might go before him.. HEEHEE! and it's in that time that they r not here that will be hard. I like going over 2 there house and sitting in the kitchen while mom does things... sometimes she cooks, sometimes she is doing something else that i think if i ask then she will want 2 teach me all about it which means that i will 1/2 2 learn something and not ramble on about my life. And is she really listening 2 me? Oh well it fells good 2 talk 2 someone that is not looking at me with there tongue haning out of there mouth and a toy next 2 there paws :p Okay i am done rambling on let's get back 2 what i was saying earlier. Build relationships, give your time 2 others. Dude life is like a fart. It's short and some x's it stinks.... and some x's it just right out horrible. You think how could God let something like this happen 2 me? and some x's it's OH MY LORD MY EYES ARE WATERING, THIS IS NOT RIGHT!!!" But if u 1/2 relationships with a strong foundation then more x's than not u r going 2 1/2 someone there 2 be with u. They help remind u that God still loves u... even tho there love 4 u is being tested @ the moment. And if u 1/2 kids take the time 2 build it while they r young. When they get older they will remember that time, and 1/2 something 2 come home 2. And they will want 2 come home out of the joy that they 1/2 while they r there. If you don't, they leave home and only visit once in a blue moon. And they r in a rush 2 get back 2 there home. And if u r one of those kids that 1/2 grown up, and u don't like 2 go home 2 visit your parents because of your own reasons, but what i wrote sounds familiar then maybe u need to ask God 4 the strength 2 forgive them, and make a step @ changing things. U might wake up 1 day and realize that u yourself are giving the same way that u'r parents gave when u were a kid. Break the cycle now.

Okay i am done


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