Poison Ivy

23 Jun
This really does suck, so i was out roller blading with my friend Becky, and i was comming up this long hill and started goofing off like i usually do and ended up going into some rocks which resulted in me going into a bunch of bushes. Well low and behold the bushes were poison ivy. Well now i need 2 go see the doc because it's all over my body, from my head to my toes. I don't scratch it that much, but it still is a pain. Oh well it happens. Not much more is goin on. I need to finish some websites, but i don't know when i will have time to do them. I am going 2 try and work on them 2night and the rest of the week. I have some really good ideas... i just need time to do them. Still looking for a girlfriend. This is not easy. Oh well i have meet some really nice girls... well just see where it goes. :D

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Debian System

04 Jun
Well i just got done working on my first Debian system install. I really like these systems. Very easy to install and work with, apt-get is great. I did have to change a few things to get them to look the way i want, but that is to be expected. I have a few more machines that are going to get upgraded, so i will most likely be putting Debian on them. So out with RedHat and in with Debian. Other than that nothing new in the computer world.

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Trip two done

01 Jun
Well i am now done with the second trip of the year, and let me tell u it was allot of fun. Man did the weekend just go supper fast. I read Ted Dekkers book, Black. It was a really good read, and i could not wait to get Red. Red is book 2 in the trilogy. I did not get that many pics of the trip this time. There was more work to do. John and i were the only dive master or above divers on the trip. I had allot of work 2 do this time.

All in all it was a great trip i did not want to come home. I could have stayed there for a week. I enjoyed being in my "Dog House". The Dog house was a small room... i am not sure if it was even that, on the top level of the boat. I was the only one in it so it was called the dog house. And i was the bad dog that got sent to the dog house.:D The people on the trip were are blast. They were so funny, and a lively group. Well that is all for now i am goin 2 get back 2 work.


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