Posting Again

29 Apr
Well things have been going well. My girlfriend is so great. I started to work on things around the house since i started to date her. I guess i spend more time at home now, and want to have a nice pad for the lady. It's been great dating her. She is so easy to get along with. I love her so much. She still has to get certified in scuba, but she does like it. We were in the pool a little.
Well i am still no further on the bathroom. I am stuck on what i want to do with the floor. I am going to stop in a place today and see if they have anything that i will want to use. But i'm not sure. I still have not posted the pictures. But i will hopefully this weekend.
Well that is all for now. I will post again l8er.
See Ya!

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Home Improvement

25 Apr
The house that i live in now is my first home. I have been in it for a little over 3 years now. So i have had this problem in the bathroom where the liner over the tub had gotten water in between it and the tub. It was very squishy. Also the panel that was put up next to the window had pulled away and water would run down it. Well some friends of mine that do construction come over and helped me frame in the window. Then i spent the rest of the day pulling the wall out of the bathroom. I have several areas in the house that i want to remodel, and i chose the bathroom to do first. I have some pictures that i will post when i get them off the camera, tomorrow night i want to go get the sink and the toilet. But i am not sure i might get them later in the week. I need to go pick up the flooring that i want to use in the room. Also i called to have the plumber come in and do some work on the plumbing. There's more to the story than this, but this is all i'm going to post for now.

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