FF 2.0 and other things.

24 Oct

I downloaded and installed FF 2.0. I know they don't like people getting it early, but i just found out today. Sorry guys. However it's a great release. I really like the spell check. It works very well. Just like i would have wanted it to. Most of my add-ons still work, and it's still very responsive.

In other news i have been having problems with my eyes. I think it's this CRT that i am using at work. I need to get a LCD back. I had this problem before, and moving from a CRT to a LCD the problem went away. Here at my new place of employment they bought one when a designer was working here and wanted a Mac. But he is not here any longer and the display just sat on an empty desk. So i thought i would put it to use an use it myself. But then i took a few days off it found it's way back to an empty desk. So it doesn't get used. It's really frustrating. I have been reading up on the internet about eye strain, and exercises for the eyes. I have started to do a few, but i think i just need to get an LCD and see if my problem goes away again. I have on of my own, but i really don't think i should bring in my own equipment to do my job. Or should i? I can argue it both ways. Oh well.


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Updated b2evolution

03 Oct
Well i finally did the upgrade to my blog system. There are still things that need to be fixed, but i think it's all there. I want to see if i can get it to run under postgresql, but i don't think i will have the time to do that task for a long time. I still want to get blogtk to work correctly. Well maybe now i will start posting more often.

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