Applescript to mount Samba (smb) shares

14 Mar

I have the following apple script to mount samba shares from a Linux Samba server to the Mac OS Sierra

repeat with i from 1 to 5
        do shell script "ping -o -t 2 server.ip.address"
        exit repeat
    on error
        delay 5
        if i = 5 then error number -128
    end try
end repeat

tell application "Finder"
        mount volume "smb://username@server/sharae1"
        mount volume "smb://username@server/sharae2"
    end try
end tell

The reason i'm pinging the server is because the network is slow to start on the Mac. If yours is fast just remove that part.


I found the Script Editor in Applications/Utilities. Save the script then Export it as Application. I did not select any other options.


I am running the Samba 3.6.25 version installed via brew.



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Fedora 19 RPMS for Enlightenment 0.17.4 and EFL 1.7.8

03 Aug

I am putting the finishing touches on the Feodra 19 RPMS. When you start you will want to disable the splash screen. Read this post in the e-users mailing list. I had the issue when i was testing and found that post with the solution for now.


Stephen Haffly reported this issue to me:

Your display server does not support XComposite, or Ecore-X was built 
without XComposite support.
Note that for composite support you will also need XRender and XFixes 
support in X11 and Ecore.


I have fixed that with the builds. Also someone talked about dual screens being used as one big screen. That is also fixed. When i resolved the build issue that Stephen reported that issue was resolved as well.


I also fixed the Connman Obsolete issue. So you should be able to have both NetworkManager and Connman installed at the same time.

I do not have a Fedora 18 machine, but if i get enough requests i can easily build these packages for 18 as well. Just let me know if you thing it's worth while. Fedora 17 i will not be building packages for, unless someone pays me. :-D

Thanks for using Enligtenment and providing me feedback to make the packages and apps work better. I am looking at packaging up some of the games that are developed with EFL.


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Enlightenment e17 Gamma

12 Dec

So i was busy building the efl 1.7.3 for Fedora 17 and 18, did several updates to evas spec file and send a patch. evas now has cpu options turned on, and also some gl and directfb support. Also i found out that libudev is no longer in Fedora 18 it has been merged into systemd, so eeze will need a change in it. Just putting a note here so i remember to update the spec.

So after i got everything built i noticed that gamma had come out for Enlightenment 17. So i built that and updated the repos. You can check the old posts on how to get my Enlightenment 17 repo to install on your machine. I have not had many people saying that they had tested my builds. However it works for me. :-D


Also if you are using Fedora 18 you can get repo rpm with:

yum install

unlike 17 in 18 there are both i386(i686) and x86_64 rpms.



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Migrating from gitolite to gerrit

09 Nov

So i have been working more and more... or trying at least with gerrit and was having some issues. Well my problem was i was using gitolite. Gitolite has some hooks  that would need to be removed from the project before you could use gerrit and commit changes. Below are my notes, use at your own risk. Not that you would lose anything, you back everything up right?! :-D


Remove Gitolite hooks

Just remove these files from your project. This is on the master server that has you git repo. go into the projects hook directory and then

[gerrit@git my_project.git ]$ rm -f gitolite-hooked gl-pre-git.hub-sample post-receive.mirrorpush update update.secondary.sample

Fixing permissions

So after i removed the hooks i still needed to fix permissions. I don't fully understand gerrit, however i was able to do this to allow me to change the permissions without a review. This may be wrong, however it works for me and until i learn otherwise i will continue to do it.

Create tmp directory

Create a temporary directory and do a git init inside it

[gerrit@git sandbox]$ mkdir tmp

[gerrit@git sandbox]$ cd tmp

[gerrit@git tmp]$ git init

Then pull in the project you want to fix permissions on.

[gerrit@git tmp]$ git pull /data/git/repositories/my_project.git refs/meta/config

This will give you the files that you will want.

Note: You will need to visit the project once in gerrit to get it to create the generic "config" files

Setting permissions

Create a new file called groups. In that file add the Group UUID and Group Name

# UUID                                          Group Name #
c5a45e67f3d27518770bb3810f4bf02bef2739fb        Administrators

You can find your group UUID and name in the gerrit site under Group->List->Administrators->General The UUID will be at the top of the page.

Save that file and then edit the project.config file. Make it look something like the following.

[access "refs/heads/*"]
        push = group Administrators
        owner = group Administrators
        pushMerge = group Administrators
        exclusiveGroupPermissions = pushMerge
        description = My Test project
        state = active

Now add the two new files with git add and then commit with comment. I should not need to tell you how to do that, if i do i will hear about it in the comment section below. Once you are done that the final step is to push this all back up into the project.

[gerrit@git tmp]$ git push /data/git/repositories/my_project.git/ HEAD:refs/meta/config

That's all it takes. You are good to go now. You should be able to push changes to your project hosted by gerrit.


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