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19 Nov
I have been trying to review the books that i have read, but i have not been keeping up. I just finished The Personified Project. Oh and before i read that one i read The Proof, Mars Hill Classified. And i am currently on Slandering Jesus. I will most likely finish that one up tonight, and try to catch up on my postings. Between spending time with the family, working during the day, and trying to program applications for clients and myself, i stay busy.
Also i still want to get the posting of the very good news that i have to share. Also i have started to look for new books to read, right now i have a call in for Dark Things. The book store needs to tell me if they have it, if not i will order it online.
I cannot wait for Tim Downs new book First the Dead to arrive. It's one that i will get the day it comes out. I enjoy reading Tim's works. I have read both Bug Man books Shoofly Pie and Chop Shop. Also i have consumed his other two books outside of the Bugman series Plague Maker which Dr. Nick Polchak has a cameo and Head Games.
Tim Downs has other works outside of fiction, and i am going to pick up those items as well. I just need to get the books i have read.
Now back to work for me.

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