29 Oct
So i have been working with the PHPEclipse project, and have been working with scorphus on making a new doc manual for the new 1.2.0 release. I was doing the generator in php and was getting a good way into it. Well now the team have done there own. So being smart, and lazy i am going to check out there code and see if i cannot use it to build our docs. I am making this entry so i can link to there site. So now that this is here i can now look at this tonight and see how much work it will take to use there code to generate our docs. What fun this will be. In other news, i get allot of spam in my blog posts, so i have disabled them for new posts. The new system that i am working will try to rectify this issue. What good is a blog if people cannot post to it? So the second thing i will be working on is a system to filter out the spam... i am thinking about tying it in with spamassassin. But not sure if that will work or not. But it cannot hurt to try.

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