Bacula Backup System

19 Nov
Saturday i did my first install of Bacula backup software. I have to say that the install was easy, and i was able to get a backup going in a relatively short amount of time. Granted i played around allot with it to see what it would do. I did this work for Riverside Community Church in Peoria, Illinois. Using a Dell Powervault 124T. The only problem i have is i cannot get the mtx tool to export the tape to the import/export slot. I am going to open a case with Dell on it, supposedly that unit does not adhere to the eepos command sets. So that stinks. I cannot automate the ejection of tapes at the moment, however everything else with the unit worked great.
As i said the install of Bacula was very easy. I had to build the rpms myself, but since i do that allot with other software i utilize it was not that hard. I should post the links. I am using CentOs 4 on that machine, but on my own hardware i have CentOs 5 so builds will come for that as well.
I am thinking about writing a gui setup tool. I have been doing more Java lately, but Bacula has Python extensions, so i think Python will be what i will use. I have to pace myself, PHPEclipse is about to release the new 1.2.0. This has been on the agenda for some time now. And i want to do more development on that application for the next release.
It is my goal to get some tape hardware in for my own business and move away from disk based storage. Currently i am using Amanda but have started to dislike it more and more. At my day job i use Tivoli Backup Storage and like the ability to run a backup when i need to from a specific host. I have not found a way to do that with Amanda, but i have not looked that much either. Well i need to go move some servers. So i am gone.

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