Firefox 3.0 Beta1 and DlzSync 1.0

21 Nov
Trying out Firefox 3.0b1, and i have to say that i can see the difference between this version and FF The speed improvements are there, but i am not sure if that's just me thinking that it's faster. The forms look like they are picking up the Gnome theme settings. The fonts look better. This may because i am using Fedora 7 and FF2 just did not pick them up correct. I checked some of my websites and they all still work, and don't look like they need any modifications. This was not the case when IE7 came out. Heck i still have some sites that need major work because IE7 does not render them correct. I still need to check some of the new applications that i am working on to insure that they are still working. But so far this looks very nice. I think i will keep it as my default for a while just to get a better feel for it. In other news the DlzSync tool for bind that i have been working on is almost complete enough for me to use full time. I still need to edit the code and use cursors, but i don't think this will take long. "Famous last words". Also we have a new domain for dlzSync, it will be online in a few more weeks. Documentation should be coming soon as well. This is for the people that want to role there own. Just use our java version as a reference. I can do one in php, perl, and maybe python. I won't have time for it anytime soon, but it can be done.

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