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15 Jan

I have been spending allot of time working on the PHPEclipse project, and fixing bugs, and maybe creating a few new ones. I also administer the build system for the project. We have recently moved away from cvs and to svn and the build system needed to be changed to pull from the new repo.

And that is where the fun begins. Allot of work has gone on in the core of PHPEclipse and in the XDebug feature, but not many developers have put that much time into the DBG feature. I have been able to get the project to build everthing except the DBG plug-in. It is driving me up a wall. I was for a while able to get it to build out of my local workspace which was a copy of svn, but after messing around i broke it, so now it won't build from there or svn. I have asked another developer incastrix to assist me in fixing the build issue. He is the master behind our XDebug plugin-in, and i am hopefull that he will show me the simple error of my way.

Also with the project, i have committed my fixes for RSE which is the Team Management plug-in for Eclipse. The work started with grEvenX submitting a patch, i applied it found that it was a good start, but there were more problems. So i committed it and then spent the rest of the weekend working on the issues that i had found. It was good to see the internals of the project, and i am looking forward to the 1.3.x version where we clean up the code.

There are just a few more items we want to address then we are going to push 1.2.0 out the nest and let it fly on it's own.

The 1.3.0 release is slated for refactoring of the code, and not many if any new features. This work will update PHPEclipse with the current API for Eclipse, and also will be working with supporing the new Ganymede Simultaneous Relase. The project is not ready yet to be listed, but i hope for our 1.4.x release we can be a listing project for that simultaneous release cycle.

I am looking forward to the next few months of Eclipse development, and as always i have more to do than i have time for, but it keeps me out of trouble.

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