PHPEclipse Release 1.2.0 and Development 1.3.x

17 Jan

I have mentioned before that i work on the PHPEclipse project, one of my jobs is administering the build system. We use hudson as our continuous build system as it's a really easy system to learn and use.

As i noted in my other post we moved from from cvs and to svn and things have been going well on the svn front. However when i changed the build system to pull from svn, there were some problems. To me it was more PEBKAC than a problem with svn. I spent 3 days working on the issue and could not figure out why our DBG feature would not build. Incastrix one of the other developers on the project created the new 1.3.x development branch and i was able to use it to test my builds. When i created a new project and imported his code things as i remember just worked. Long story short i found there were a few plug-ins that were included in places they should not be, and others that were not needed at all. I made my changes and the system was successful in building the project.

What is more frustrating is that getting it to work that last day only took about 15min, and here i spent 4 days running around in circles.

Now that the builds are back, and people are able to use it, i think i created more bugs. But that's the way it goes. I am really looking forward to us getting 1.2.0 out the door, and also the work that is going into 1.3.x and 1.5.x. Ajt and i will be cleaning up the ticket system in an attempt to refine the items left for the 1.2.x release. Looking at the tickets for the 1.2.x release you would think we were crazy. It has more bugs than 1.3.x and we only have 2 weeks to get them all fixed. But this will change over the weekend when ajt and i clean and assign bugs to there new milestones.

Something else i will be working on is a tutorial on using RSE and PHPEclipse. It's something new to PHPEclipse and it's working pretty well for me. Also i will include instructions on using XDebug. There are a few more bugs that incastrix and i will be working on related to XDebug and RSE and i hope to get some fixed today.

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  1. rapsli


    May 29th 2008 at 12:05 am

    Just wanted to say thanks for your help yesterday. Unfortunately I had to go right aways. I'm really excited about PHPeclipse and especially the debugger. So far I've been working with Zend Studio 5.5. I've used remote debugging there only like once. It was sooooooo incredibly slow that it was just too slow to have fun with. So I contininued to debug with "print". Here I have to admit, the debugger is pretty fast. I'm really surprised and this is going to be so much fun. You guys rock!