Varoom!! Varoom!!!

24 Apr
Well i got a new motorcycle. It's allot of fun 2 ride around on. I have had it for about 3 weeks now. I have some pics up in the photo album Check'em out. Some of my best friends don't like it, others do. I guess u cannot please them all. Well i hope it cuts down on the gas that i will have 2 use this summer. I still have my jeep, and will keep it for a long time. (i hope). Well anyway it has been raining allot. When i first went to get my license for the bike, it started to rain before i could take the riding test. So i had 2 return on a different day 2 do it. Well i came back the next day when it was dry out and did the riding test. I only missed 1 cone. So not so bad i guess. I am signed up for a class that the local colleges have. It's for motorcycle riding skills and what not, i think it will be allot of fun. Well not much else is going on. I am cooking some ribs right now. So if you ever are in the neighborhood, let me know maybe we can eat sometime.

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