Weekend with best friend

26 Oct
Well i got to spend the weekend with my one of my best friends. She came down to visit... well kinda. I had to meet her half way, but we had a good weekend. She has grown up allot from when we used to hang out. Also i ran into other friends that i have had in the past.... it was really weird. Like all these people that i know from way back were popping up. Well it was cool. I need to e-mail my old high school buddy i ran into his parents the other day. I also saw some people that i used to work with like 10 years ago. Some of them i keep thinking about, i want to talk to them more, but i just did not have the time right then. Oh well. It happens.

I got a new little bible. I needed it for when i go to church and help with the Jr. High. I didn't like caring around the bible that i have. It's kinda large and looks like the Family Bible that is sitting on the living room table or somewhere out where people can see it. At least mine does not have the dust on it like those usually do. :D I really like the young kids that are in my small group. They are really cool, and funny. They all have great potential. I hope they work for there dreams.

Well work has keep me busy. I have several projects that i need to finish. I hope to get one of them done before the weekend so i don't have to work on it on Saturday. I have a project on the side that i have been working on at home. It's kinda cool, but i have not been able to devote any time to it in the last two weeks. I hope to be able to work on it again this weekend. It's nice not having a girlfriend/wife/family during this time. I can get the things done that i would not be able to do if i did have any of the listed above. But when it's time, i can kick everything aside. I am sure that i will know when i have meet the one.
I have not been married, and when i do get married i want it to be for life. I think everyone goes into it with that goal, but i think some think if it get's to tough i will just get out. I don't want someone that thinks that at all. We know tough times will come, but we will work together and make it. I know of few marriages that have lasted years. I want mine to be one of them. Quitting is not an option. Oh well. With God all things are possible.

Well keep caring on... till next time.

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