More Time

03 Jun

I wish i had more time to do stuff. Well today i just sat around the house and played on the computer with thoggen a dvd backup utility. I like to put my movies down to other files so i can stream them to my media box upstairs. I think maybe i will upgrade that machine to Fedora Core 5. I will need to research my video drivers first. I don't want to mess up my dvd player. Now that i think about it i just might wait. It's not broke so why fix it.

Allot of people don't know this but i got married back in December 05. It's been great being married. I am also the step-dad to a great little girl. She is a blast to hang out with. We were washing the jeep today, and i let her hold the spray gun. This is at one of those car washes. I changed the setting, and she pulled back on the trigger and that sprayer took of like a rocket. It was so funny. I should have warned her. She was a trooper, after she stopped running, i was laughing trying to get the runaway hose, she was like i'm okay it's just water. She did a little more work after that.

Earlier this year i was laid off my job that i had, then i started working for a small company doing php development. It has been a learning experience. God has keep a roof over my head and food on the table. He has not left me at all. I did not worry when i was losing my job. I know that God cares allot about me and has a plan for my life. He got me to where i am, and i know that He's not just going to leave me when times get tough. Well tough for a human. In His position He sees it all, so it's nothing to Him.

There is so much that i want to do, and don't have time for. I think i am going to put my blog index page on the front page of my web site. That way i don't have to try and keep it updated, and the site looks like something is happening. There are allot of other things on the site that i don't use that much anymore, so i will remove them.

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