Enlightenment e17 Modules

21 Feb
I got a request for some Enlightment Modules for E17. Well i decided to give them a build. I have not tested them all, or any of them for that matter. I have the 17 and 18 builds up on the server so you should be able to install them at your leisure. The modules that are up there are the following.
  1. alarm
  2. cpu
  3. deskshow
  4. diskio
  5. eektool
  6. empris
  7. engage
  8. eooorg
  9. everything-aspell
  10. everything-places
  11. everything-wallpaper
  12. evry-pidgin
  13. evry-tracker
  14. evry-websearch
  15. exebuf
  16. execwatch
  17. flame
  18. forecasts
  19. iiirk
  20. mail
  21. mem
  22. moon
  23. net
  24. news
  25. penguins
  26. places
  27. rain
  28. rmb
  29. snow
  30. taskbar
  31. tclock
  32. uptime
  33. winselector
  34. wlan

Now that i just did that list i did not realize how many there are. Well anyway, there were some that were not built because i only had a little time and either they needed packages i did not have and could not find quickly, they did not have a spec file,  they needed another project that did not have a spec file, or some combination. I will as time permits or someone asks for a specific module build the others.

As always if you have issues let me know. Sorry the comment system in this blog is not that great. I will work on that when time permits. :-D

Also if you try the modules and they work let me know.

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