Fearless By Max Lucado

08 Sep

This was a very challenging read for me. I am not sure why i just got very irritated from the start with the plethora of translations/transliterations of the Bible that Max Lucado used in this book. I really did not know what to think about it. Why in the world does someone need to use so many translations? Was it a good read, well ya it was ok, would i recommend it to anyone. Not really.

 After finishing the book and going into the question topics @ the end i felt Max Lucado had pulled it out, i had read a book that was not a total waste of time. I know this is something i am probably just going through and others will not have the same reaction to all the different translations/transliteration of scripture used in the book. It will suite some people just fine. However it is that sticking point for me and it was just something that i found very unsettling. I don't know why, but it's something that did not leave me alone.

But on the topic of fear Max Lucado covers areas that i feel at sometime everyone has struggled with. Fear seems to that force that is holding allot of people captive these days. Job loses, repossession of cars,homes,furniture. Young people graduating from college and not knowing where they are going to go, what job they are going to be able to get in this economy, or how they are going to pay back all the school loans. Granted i am not in that boat, but i have some family and friends that are. Fear is something that has inflicted us just after the fall(see Genesis 3:10). However it's something that with Christ Jesus we don't need to let control us. The smarter we are the more we fight with fear. The book by Andy Andrews The Noticer has a character that deals with fear. Once you learn to turn your fears over to Christ life becomes that much easier.

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