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18 May

In the 1980's i was doing an open forum at the University of Philippines
in Manilla when a student popped out of his seat and he shouted at me,
he said "Everything is meaningless, i don't know why you are taking
about meaning. Everything is meaningless!" I said you don't believe
that, he said "I do!". I said no you don't, he said "Yes i do!".  I said
you don't. He said "Who are you to tell me i don't?". I said repeat it.
He said "Everything is meaningless!". I said you don't mean that, he
said "I do!". I said can i ask you a question? If everything is
meaningless, then what you just said was not meaningful.  On the other
hand if what you just said was meaningful, then everything is not
meaningless. In effect you've really said nothing.

That night at a different meeting that young man gave his life to


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