What Difference Do It Make? By Ron Hall, Denver Moore and Lynn Vincent

21 Sep

So the new book i have just finished reading is What Difference Do It Make? . Anyway as you may have noticed i read and review books. Not something i am formally trained in, can you even be trained for such a thing? I am sure someone somewhere would take money for it, you know how people are. Anyway back to the book. This is an update on what has happened to Denver Moore and Ron Hall after their first book Same Kind of Different as Me. If you did not read the first book don't worry. Areas where you would be lost are included in this book. Now it's not a rehash of the first book, but just gap fillers.

Before i finished this review i pulled quotes that i liked out. One mistake i made is not writing them down so i could use them. But i remember the gist and i will correct these when i get the book back.

God don't pay overtime -- Denver Moore

How many times do you (i am included in that you) do something and expect praise or recognition from others? I wouldn't say i set out to do something to gain the praises of others, however i do have a desire to be recognized, but at the same time not. I guess it's kinda like i want people to notice what i do, but not make a big deal about it. Just a thank you every now and then would be nice. I just need to remember that nothing i do goes without notice, Jesus is always watching.

Who's gon'a stick around and show us Jesus -- Denver Moore

A part of the book that got me thinking was the time when Ron judged Jose by his outward appearance. Denver then filled Ron in on the error of his judgement and gave him some history on Jose. I know i am guilty of judging people by their appearance. Where i go to church there have been many occasions that people have asked me for money. I remember this one time a guy gave me a story about how he ran out of gas and his wife was in the car. He was limping around with a cane, and he just wanted some money to get some gas. I asked him how he was going to go get the gas, his reply was he was going to walk. At least that's what i remember, well see that he was limping around on a cane i told him to hop in and i would give him a ride to the gas station to get some gas. Well it turns out that this guys story was true, he had run out of gas and his wife was in the car. He asked for a way to get me the money back, i told him don't worry about it. However another time a guy asked me for money he talked about how his family was without food and he wanted some money to buy food for them. I told him to hop in and i would take him to the store. We rolled a few feet and he asked where we were going. I told him to the store to get him some food, and he said no thanks. I stopped the Jeep and let him out.

I have seen homeless people sleeping on the benches outside of a building i work in sometimes and i just pass them by. One thing that was taught  to me was to ask "what is your need now". I guess most will ask for money, but some may ask for food. I guess it's a way to share with others, something i need to start doing more of.

I really enjoyed this book and hope others get a chance to read it as well.

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  1. Struggle

    June 18th 2010 at 06:06 am

    I narrowly escaped losing everything I had and loved 9 years ago. My business was located in area where homeless people were a constant fixture. I believed they were harmful to my business and I wished they would leave. 2 of my best customers filed for bankruptcy and left me with no way to meet my payroll or debts and I was forced out of business. In my journey over the past 9 years I have been a handyman and done any odd job I could find to make a dollar. My wife and I decided to stay married, but we work hard on our life and marriage every day. In this journey, I have met many street people and worked side-by-side with them. Don't get me wrong - I am doing the same work they are and paying them before I get paid. Anyways after much prayer and soul searching - I am going into training as a volunteer at the Star of Hope in Houston. My wife bought me 'Same kind of Different as me' to read because she thought it might help further inspire me and remove some of my doubts. Not sure why I'm doing this - I'm not too far from the street myself, but it feels like the right thing to do. I have many doubts, but found this website to put down some words. Thanks, Fred



    June 22nd 2010 at 07:06 am

    Fred thanks for your comment. I pray God will direct your path and be with you in this new journey of yours.